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Specifications for the Sanyo SCP-5300 Dual Band Tri-Mode PhoneCam
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This site is dedicated to pictures taken with my SPC-5300 Dual Band Tri-Mode cellular phone manufactured by Sanyo.  It is America's first wireless phone with a built-in digital camera and was unveiled in December 2002 by Sprint and Sanyo. The SPC-5300 combines the functionality of a digital camera with the clear calls of a PCS Phone enabling Sprint customers to instantly shoot, view and share photos with anyone...immediately. With the SPC-5300, you can download Java-based games, animated ringers and screen savers. The SPC-5300 offers a VGA digital camera with digital zoom, portrait flash and fully enabled wireless voice and data communications capabilities. The 2.1-inch internal color screen supports 65,536 colors and provides a vibrant, multi-dimensional experience when viewing photos, screen savers, animated ringers and games. The external Caller ID screen offers the convenience of quickly identifying an incoming call through the number, one of six color selections or Photo-Caller ID. PCS Vision from Sprint is available and allows you to browse the Internet wirelessly with speeds comparable to a home computer's dial-up connection, You can also check and send personal and corporate e-mail and take and receive pictures from select PCS Vision enabled phones. Specific product features of the SPC-5300 include:

Phone Specs:
- Dual Band Tri Mode Personal Communication System
- WAP 2.0 Browser
- Java TM ready
- GPS enabled for future emergency and location-based services
- Weight: 4.13 oz
- Dimensions: 3.7" x 1.9" x 1.1"
- Battery Life: The 5300 comes with a standard battery (2.7 hours talk/10.4 days standby), and an extended battery (3.8 hours talk and 15 days standby).
- Main LCD: 65,536-color, 2.1 inch TFT half-permeable type
- External LCD: 65,536-color, 1 inch STN half-permeable type
- Built-in Answering Machine: Allows the user to listen in as the caller leaves a message; in addition the user is able to answer the call anytime while the caller leaves their message.
- Multiple Language: Supports voice and text prompts in English and Spanish
- Calculator, World Clock, Games

Camera Specs:
- Camera built-in, with flash: VGA 310,000 Pixels
- Camera Resolution - High 640 x 480:  Med 320 x 240:  Low 160 X 120:
- Flash - On/Off
- Self-timer - 10 sec, 5 sec, Off
- Brightness - Auto, 9-step manual
- White Balance - Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, 9-step manual
- Color Tone - Antique, Black & White, Negative: Quality - Fine, Normal
- Adjustable Shutter Volume - Loud, Soft, Off
- Zoom:  X4 and X16 - Flash: high-luminance LED is most effective when the object is about 2 or 3 feet from the handset

Photo Enhancement Options:
- Upload/Share - Captured photos can be shared with family and friends, and uploaded to PCS Vision  web site
- Assign Photo - Captured photos can be assigned for Incoming Calls, Screen Saver and Phone Book entries
- Online Pictures - Access the PCS Vision Pictures web site to manage and view online photo albums.

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